As a child, the “Dominicana” Angelie attended Catholic school, made the honor roll, and strived to be her best. At 12, after moving to NJ, Angelie cared for her lil brother, cooked, cleaned, and done her homework daily. Her mother enrolled her in dance, and Angelie excelled. But she missed her big, close-knit Bronx family and friends.

Being the only Hispanic family in her new neighborhood and school made her transition even harder. Angelie compensated for the pain by becoming the fun party girl. Her natural beauty and larger than life personality were able to light up a room, and Angelie’s home quickly became the hangout spot. Because her parents’ busy work/college schedule kept them away from 6:30am to 8pm each day, Angelie was able to live a secret life filled with drinking and drugs.

Angelie graduated from Lodi High School and later went to Ultrasound Tech School where she discovered her love for helping others. Unfortunately, she hung out with the wrong crowd and partied way too much. Her drinking and drug usage increased. She then met a man who later fathered her two oldest children. The relationship was verbally and mentally abusive. It didn’t help that they both battled a drug addiction.

Despite secretly battling an addiction and abusive relationship, Angelie appeared to be living the “perfect-mom” life. She knew she needed to cut ties but she couldn’t. Angelie was locked on auto-pilot; she took care of her children, went to work, and even completed nursing school. But then, after realizing her relationship was hurting the kids more than helping, she said good-bye to the worst 10 years of her life. If only she could’ve said good-bye to her addiction. It grew.

Two years forward, Angelie met another man who would later father her two youngest children. She coached her daughter’s cheer team, attended football games with her boys, and even launched fundraisers. To everyone else, Angelie appeared to be the “perfect-mom” but truth was both her and her man were addicted to drugs, and no matter how many times they tried to help each other, they were enablers. A bad mix.

Eventually they began selling drugs to support their habits. They even moved to Florida thinking a change of environment would help, but they took their addictions with them. Shortly after the move, their home became a drug hot spot and was raided by the police. He was arrested and took all responsibility so she could go free without CPS involvement. Her addiction grew worse, and Angelie and her 3 children returned to her parents home in NJ. She was pregnant with her 4th child.

Angelie’s addiction was worse than ever and she began lying and stealing. She was 7 months pregnant, and hadn’t done anything wrong, when she was severely beaten in her yard. Not only was she in fear for the safety of her unborn baby, but also for her 3 children who were inside only feet away from her male and female attackers. Thank God, her only permanent injuries were a few scars. Being clean was no longer an option. Her life depended on it.

Angelie had been drug-free, but that didn’t stop Florida from putting her in jail for 8 months after they discovered she attended her oldest daughter’s cheerleading competiton at Walt Disney World. In jail, she worried about her children, felt alone, and totally powerless. But then God showed her he’d always been there for her, and he seen to it her wonderful 4 children were loved and nurtured in her absence.

Angelie attended church regularly until Covid prevented jail visitors. Then she and the other ladies had their own bible studies. She even completed a drug rehab program and learned valuable skills. She met so many ladies whose lives had been destroyed by drugs. Her heart went out to them, and she realized that had she of been involved with heavier drugs, like crack or heroin, she could’ve been any one of those women.

Prior to her incarceration, Angelie and Keith had business arrangements as it related to accounting/secretarial services. But after her release, she was open to the many other Godly projects Keith was called to do. This is what led to her becoming the Marketing Director for R.I.P. Books. Angelie is both mentally and spiritually qualified, and it is her prayer that her assistance and testimony is used to make a difference in this world, and to give women hope in seeing there is a rainbow at the end of their tears. Besides, if Angelie done it, they can do it too.

Today Angelie is clean and sober. She has a wonderful relationship with God, her family, and children. She is not ashamed of her journey, nor does she regret her past, or the way things happened. Those things have molded her into the woman and mother she is today. Life has hope, opportunity, and potential to be everything she dreamed it to be. Angelie is Resurrected And Proud, and this is her R.A.P. Sheet.

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