Keith Hudson


MDOC #327683

2 years

Oct 10, 2018




John 3:16


(Resurrected And Proud)

Keith Hudson, aka Keith Benjamin, was in prison years before he served time behind bars. He’d been living a sinful life and the wages of those sins were death. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and despite being introduced to Jesus as a child, he chose to do things his way. The wrong way.

Keith’s childhood was filled with violence, selling drugs, and girls. However, he wasn’t your typical thug. His father was a skilled landscaper and he taught his son well. Keith worked hard and had pristine ethics. His likeable personality allowed him to flourish while living a double-life. He outgrew violence and drug selling but kept the women. His motto was, “I don’t chase em, I replace em.” Keith lived over-the-top with customized homes, cars, and lavish possessions. He was a successful businessman; landscaping, home repairs, real estate, fashion, and entertainment promotion to name a few. He reopened the “Original Hip Hop Shop” which is where Eminem honed his rap skills. This is also where Keith killed a man in self-defense.

God knew that Keith’s attacker was the aggressor, but God also knew that Keith’s heart was filthy. He was filled with greed, pride, vanity, and lust. Keith was charged with murder and put in jail. God revealed Keith’s calling, and Keith understood it was either obedience to God or life in prison. Keith chose God, and God liberated Keith through 2 separate trials. His life was spared but he suffered loss. His ex-wife turned her back on him. He lost his homes, cars, and lavish possessions, and served 2 years in prison. While in prison, he felt the pain of the people, and knew he had been called to set the captives free through Jesus.

Upon release in October 2018, Keith married his spirit-filled wife, Grace, who faithfully held him down during his prison stay. He also established multiple businesses needed to build God’s kingdom here on earth; Benjamin Brothers Reality (home improvement/real estate), Helping Those Left Behind (prison reform), Benjamin Brothers Barter & Trade (commerce), and now RIP Books (publishing). Keith’s life no longer belongs to him. It belongs to God. He is thankful for every minute he is alive; free from physical and spiritual prison. At the age of 15, God showed him in a vision, that he was going to be the biggest promoter in the world. It took him decades to understand he’d be promoting Jesus. Some people say they are believers with their words, Keith shows it through his actions. If Keith’s story interests you, click below to hear more.


As a teenager, Keith stayed in fights and shootouts. He was only 15 when a drug dealer fronted him ten 8-balls of powder cocaine and a $500 sack of crack. Getting money brought power and respect, and this attracted even more females than he already had. Keith ran through chicks like doctors ran through PPE equipment. Even though he was a street dude, he lived a double-life and kept his secrets hush-hush.

Keith was 15 when his father gave him 10 clients to his landscaping business, and Keith turned them into 101 within 1 year. Before the age of 44, he’d already owned over 25 businesses, two being million dollar companies. Through Benjigates Estates, he bought and sold 1,500 homes in less than 5 years. He even reopened the “Original Hip Hop Shop” which is where multi-platinum rapper Eminem cultivated his skills as shown in the movie 8 Mile.

It was also at the Hip Hop Shop that Keith killed “Champ,” an ex-MMA fighter, in self-defense. Keith was devastated. Pains of being attacked and pains of taking a life was too much. What hurt even more is that Keith’s ex-wife turned her back on him in his greatest time of need. Even though they were divorced, they still lived together, were working on their marriage, and he thought they were best friends. His life had been flipped upside down.

Keith was jailed without bail and charged with murder, manslaughter, and felony-firearm. The sentence carried a mandatory life without parole. The state of Michigan wanted him dead. Before it was over, he’d lost his homes, cars, money, and lavish possessions. But only by the grace of God did he beat 2 separate trials for murder and manslaughter. He was still given 2 years for a legally registered firearm. Yet, his much needed time-out was ordered by the Lord.

When Keith came to prison, he expected to find thugged-out gang bangers fighting and stabbing everyday. Instead he found so many positive minded men who’d been warehoused like cattle for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50+ years. Most lacked meaningful family support, resources, and opportunities to be their best. Keith felt their pain and realized this could’ve been his fate. During his incarceration, he immersed himself in prayer and study, and God gave him revelations.

God also ministered to Keith through Grace, his current wife. Keith now realizes that when God showed him in a vision at age 15 (that he’d be the biggest promoter in the world) God was commissioning Keith to promote Jesus. And when God gave him the name Benjamin in a dream at age 23 (and he immediately incorporated a business with the name Benjamin that same day) it was because the tribe of Benjamin were God’s favored people in both finances and warfare as Keith has been since birth. Now it made sense, God had put both people and events in Keith’s life.

Two men God put in Keith’s life during his incarceration were Mack Tiggart and Randal LeFevre. Together, the three of them, created the curriculum for Helping Those Left Behind which is dedicated to the rehabilitation, release, and reintegration of prisoners. Keith’s life purpose is to liberate the oppressed and set the captives free, and HTLB is one tool he is using to do just that.

On October 9th, 2018, Keith was released from prison and incorporated HTLB. He immediately started a monthly prisoner e-mail letter which gives quality spiritual, legal, and mental food for thought as well as hope and love. He’s spoken at two separate funerals on behalf of Mack after his sister died and his brother was murdered, and he placed flowers at the tombless gravesight of Randal’s mother in Georgia after she was buried as a pauper in a far away state without family. Things like this spoke a love language to prisoners that they’d never heard before.

But that isn’t where it stopped. For his 1 year release anniversary, Keith launched the HTLB website and sent every prisoner on the mail list $10. Again, things like this spoke a love language to prisoners that they’d never heard before. Keith has secured free housing through Team Jefferson for 80 returning citizens upon their release, and is trying to secure legal representation for prisoners. And as expected, the Helping Those Left Behind monthly mail list has grown to 900+ prisoners.

In addition to HTLB, Keith established Benjamin Brothers Reality, Benjamin Brothers Barter & Trade, and now RIP Books. The first book published through RIP will be a bio about Keith titled, “Resurrected: The 67th Book of the Bible.” This book will be preceeded by his music album titled, “God’s Plan, Not Mine”.

Keith’s vision is laser sharp as he methodically climbs his way up the pinnacle of success. Unlike before his incarceration, success no longer means material possessions. It now means promoting Jesus and winning souls to Christ. Keith is living his purpose and building God’s kingdom for God’s glory. Keith is Resurrected And Proud, and this is his R.A.P. Sheet.

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