Name: Randal LeFevre

RIP Title: Featured Author

ID#: FDOC #120904/MDOC #289197

Time Served: 7 1/2 years/ 22+ years

Released: (ERD) Oct 25, 2025

Sinner: Yes

Wages Due: Death

Debt Payer: Jesus

Authority: John 3:16

Status: Redeemed

(Resurrected And Proud)

Randal studied Islam but noticed that heaven’s floodgates were sealed shut. As soon as he confessed Jesus as Lord and got baptized, God started restoring everything that sin destroyed. He had his first visit in prison after 18 years, his first letter and phone call from his ex-wife and lil sister after 17 years, and his first of about 10 MDOC certificates after 16 years. He now has 18 credits from 2 colleges for Social Work and Christian Counseling, and he hasn’t had a violent incident in 6 years. Satan’s stronghold of violence has been broken by the blood of Jesus, and it’s not a coincidence that Keith caught his murder case only 8 day after Randal was baptized. It is Randal’s belief that Keith was sent to prison specifically for him, and now Randal is actively assisting Keith’s God-given mission. If Randal’s story interests you, click below to hear more.


As a child, the grimy street life fascinated Randal, and he prided himself on being a street dude. Crime, drugs, and self-destructive behavior was what he lived for. Because of this stupidity, he has been behind bars since the age of 16 with the exception of about 2 years. Randal will be 49 years old Nov 4th, 2020, and he still has another 5 years to serve.

Violence was how Randal learned to express his pain and get what he foolishly thought was respect. In 1990, he shot someone 6 times at point blank range and served 7 1/2 years in Florida. And in 1998, he shot someone in the face and took their car and got 22 to 30 years. Since being in prison, Randal has been arrested on 5 separate occasions for assault on staff, weapons, and prisoner stabbings and got another 6 1/2 to 14 years.

Randal has felt his fair share of pain. He tried to better himself by reading and writing 10+ hours a day for over 15 years without recognition while MDOC refused to provide him any educational, vocational, or self-help programs. Even though he’s written over 10 books, 1 movie, and countless short stories and op-eds, he didn’t have a single program accomplishment for over 16 years in prison. His negative prison record didn’t show who he had become.

Randal had been in prison for 18 years without a single visit from family or friends who were sometimes only 30 minutes away. In many cases, it took more strength for him to maintain such a disheartening relationship rather than to end it. His ex-wife wrote him once in 1998, and said hopefully her next man would be “sold out” to Jesus, and she hadn’t written him one time since. Life was passing Randal by. He had so much to offer the world, but didn’t have an outlet. He was very lonely.

Randal got a letter from his loving mother saying she moved 4 times since he left Florida, and that she was about to be evicted from her current apartment. In addition to her having a nervous breakdown when he was a teen, she was again on stress relieve from work, had a lump in her breast, and was urinating on herself when she coughed.

He powerlessly watched his mother move into 17 different residences in a 12 year period, mostly homeless shelters, until she died in 2010. She was buried as a pauper in Georgia without family, a funeral, a casket, or tombstone. His mother died from a broken heart. Randal wasn’t devastated that she died. He was devastated that she never truly lived.

Randal studied Islam for a decade and carried himself respectfully. He didn’t indulge in drinking, drugs, stealing, extortion, or gambling. Despite his good intentions to change the world, the floodgates of heaven were closed. What he was doing wasn’t working, and he began searching for the missing ingredient. His heart was telling him to acknowledge the blood of Jesus, but his head was saying Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection were scientifically impossible. Yet, he was broken and by a process of elimination, he secretly confessed the sinner’s prayer and asked God to help his unbelief.

Shortly thereafter, Randal was 1 of 60 prisoners put in solitary confinement for “Inciting a riot.” He wanted change and vowed to attend church and get baptized once he got to his new prison. He transfered to TCF, and the very first week he went to church, they posted a baptism sign-up sheet. He was baptized on his second week. It wasn’t a coincidence that TCF didn’t offer another baptism for 2 years, or that Randal was only 1 of 4 men who transferred to TCF, or that Keith would catch his murder case only 8 days after Randal was baptized.

Randal and Keith met at TCF. They bonded over a small writing project, and Keith felt compelled to bear his soul to Randal like he’d never done with anyone before. Randal diligently recorded the info, and together they brainstormed Christ-centered business/program ideas from sun up to sun down. The men were inseparable, and Keith’s mission became more detailed everyday. Randal, Keith, and Mack Tiggart created the curriculum for Helping Those Left Behind which is dedicated to the rehabilitation, release, and reintegration of prisoners.

Randal understands that God required his repentance, and once Randal accepted Christ, God started returning everything sin had desroyed. Randal has been violence-free for 6 years. He now has 15 college credits for Social Work, 3 for Christian Counseling, and over 10 MDOC certificates. Randal’s friend, Dr. Bob, has been to visit Randal 10 times, and Randal was reconnected with his lil sister and ex-wife for a season which gave him needed closure. He believes that God is restoring his physical freedom, his future wife and children, and the meaningful life that his heart desires.

Randal is ready to return to society and be the man whom God has shaped him to be. Albeit, until he gets out, he is doing what he can right where he is at. Randal is an advocate for the oppressed, and he has contributed to many projects including Helping Those Left Behind and R.I.P. Books. Randal is Resurrected And Proud, and this is his R.A.P. Sheet.

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